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Monday, July 20, 2015

Beautiful Fabrics, Make Up and More - Fashion Photoshoot with Cognito Studios

Fabrics, accessories and styling by Fabrics and Beyond (Instagram @fabricsnbeyond)
Make Up by PoshBelle MakeUp Studio (IG: @poshbelle__makeupstudio)
Models: Vicky and Lizzy (@vicky_edozie and @miz_juicyliz)
Photography by yours truly (IG: @shawn_cognitostudios)
Location: Shot and edited at the world class Cognito Studios, Abuja
See more photos on Instagram when you follow all these accounts.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Fresh and not so fresh from the studio - Cognito Studios Photography

Promised to be more regular with updates. Here are a few photos from recent and not so recent photo shoots. Please like, comment and share. Thanks for visiting!

Model: Zanswat

Model: Zanswat

Model: Ene

Model: Shawn

Bible themed shoot for Imbue Magazine

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cognito Studios Weddings - Details always matter

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Photoshoot with Miss Tourism International Nigeria, Cognito Studios Abuja

Here are a few photos from an awesome series with the beauty Queen Victoria (@glam_baroness on Instagram) Had fun working with her and Chioma Igbokwe of Zapel World, a talented fashion designer (@zapelworld). Victoria is the reigning Miss Tourism International Nigeria and was one of the top 10 favorites/finalists at the 2014 Miss Tourism International in Malaysia December last year. She is truly beautiful and so easy to work with.

Photography: Yours truly
Styling and Wardrobe: @zapelworld
Beauty Queen: @glam_baroness
Location: Shot at the #worldclass Cognito Studios Abuja

Victoria isn't just a beautiful human being, but as a beauty pageant winner she also nurtures a passion to use her influence to enhancing the lives of under privileged children.

Miss Victoria spent the new year's eve of 2015 on stage contesting for the enviable Miss Tourism International World Pageant title along 62 delegates representing their countries in which she emerged the only African contestant to have emerged among the top ten finalists. Must take loads of confidence to gracefully achieve such milestones, and that confidence carries over into the studio, where during the photo shoot, Vicky was so at ease and dropping those poses like they were hot.... Chioma Igbokwe who handled the styling and wardrobe for this shoot is simply a bundle of creative energy. And her portfolio is amazing

New Post - Images from a recent Photo shoot, Cognito Studios Abuja

Been a while I posted on this blog. My sincere apologies to our followers. Here is a quick one from a recent shoot we did at the studio. Promise to keep this blog updated more frequently.
Model: @ifycreamy (Instagram)

Which edit do you prefer? Do drop a comment.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

No to Xenophobia, We are One, We are Africa - Creative Themed Photoshoot

We all heard about, read and witnessed the brutal violence that engulfed some suburbs/areas of South Africa. I personally don't understand the violent killing of innocent civilians; in one video I saw children being set on fire.

As if we don't have enough problems in Africa as it is.

We the whole crew at Cognito Studios decided to put something together using what we know best, to pass a message across, not just against the xenophobic attacks, but against all types of wanton violence - violence against women including rape, abuse of children and ethnic massacres.

After each photo I will write what the photo means to me and the message we wish to pass across, but as with any other art form, the photos are open to your own particular interpretation. Please do share your own thoughts as comments and do share the post with others.


Model: @xanswat (Instagram)
Make Up: @xanswat
Styling: @xanswat, @shawn_cognitostudios
Photography and Edits: @shawn_cognitostudios
Studio Assistant: @TimmyOlaoye
Text: @shawn_cognitostudios

Africa! The Dark Continent! Is it because of the color of our skin, or actually because of the prevalence of ignorance and poverty. The absence of light breeds dark evils such as political oppression, ethnic bigotry and hatred, genocide and xenophobia. Wake up Africa! Arise and let your light shine!

Africa! Who else can love you but Africans? Why do we wait for foreigners to bring help to our shores. Why do we love to hate ourselves and hate to love ourselves? Africa! Your love is within you!

Beautiful Africa! Your beauty is amazing. Your lands filled with jewels, precious people with wonderful talents. Together united we can harness all these powers and transform our lives for good. Africa, you are beautiful!

Africa! Please stop the killing. Stop the violence. Stop hurting one another. Africa raises her arms against the evil slayer. "Don't hurt me. Don't kill my children!"

If only you would open your eyes Africa! See the beauty and power that lies within. See the potential we are blessed with. See that within yourselves lies the power to bring about emancipation and true independence from foreign donors. For many of these 'helpers' are only wolves in sheep's clothing

Africa! Reach out to one another. Reach for the stars. Reach for greatness. Greatness is your birthright!. Your inheritance.

X stands for No. No to xenophobia. No to killings and murder. No to terrorism. No to rape and violence against women. No to child trafficking and abuse. We say No!!

Africa we pray...we pray for peace. We pray for love, unity and harmony. We pray for light - an abundance of wealth and knowledge. We pray against sickness and plagues. We pray against war. We pray for the future of our children. We pray for Africa!

Africa unite! Be bonded not just with your hands but with your hearts. Be one in vision and in life. Together we stand, for a nation divided against itself shall fall. Africa unite!

Thanks to the lovely Zanswat Bowsan, our model for the shoot. Zan is a graduate of English language from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. She loves music, photography and is a low key make up artist. She has worked with Chocolate City Entertainment as well as Leadership Newspapers as a senior correspondent. Zan is gifted with beauty, confidence and the ability to make photos jump! Follow her on Instagram @xanswat

Throwback Photo Session with Zahara Models Abuja

Hi everyone,

Was skimming through my archives the other day when I stumbled into a folder containing some photo shoots done back in 2012. One of them was with Zahara Model Management here in Abuja. I have learnt a lot about editing since then and since these were raw files, I decided to edit them again. I like the final outcome. I hope you do too.

Zahara Models is a premier modeling agency in Abuja. They recently opened shop in Lagos too so get ready Lagos peeps! Zahara's got experienced models, and its a place where new faces are discovered everyday and a place where clients know they'll find what they're looking for, whether it be models for high fashion or commercial modeling. They got it all.

Go to for info!

PS. If you are on Instagram be sure to hook up with us: @shawn_cognitostudios (click to go straight to our page) and @zaharamodels