Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We love shooting pre wedding photo sessions! - photos from an Abuja pre wedding shoot

Hi there.

Pre wedding shoots are one of the favorite photo sessions we like to do at Cognito Studios. That is because we love the interesting challenge of trying to tell a unique love story through pictures. It's a challenge we tackle together with the couple because after all it's all about them.

Eliciting those emotions expressed through intimate stares, shy smiles, intense gazes, the intertwining of fingers, a kiss on the forehead or lips...the gradual eroding of shyness and self consciousness. We know we have had a successful shoot when hours later the couple are laughing, playing and wanting more photos.

And that is usually how our pre wedding shoots end.

Here are some photos from a very special and easy going shoot we did for our friends (all our clients are our friends) whose wedding we eventually covered. Easy going because these guys are indeed a cool, calm, collected and connected couple.

But even if you already have a wedding photographer booked, and even if you have already done a pre wedding shoot, you can always do get (another) one done with us. It would be our delight!


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