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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Creative People - Profile 6: Seyi Ladele and BombShelter Entertainment!!!

Welcome back peeps. As usual on this blog we keep content coming that is put together to inspire you. Mostly through photos, graphic designs and the like, but also by profiling creative people or enterprises out there who are using their talents and passions to make things happen. (in a positive way that is....not Boko Haram style)

In this post I present to you an entertainment company - Bombshelter Entertainment, and the man behind it: Seyi Ladele

Could you tell us what its all about?

 Bomb shelter is a record label, artiste management and promotions company as well as a gaming entertainment industry founded in 2008. Bomb shelter has been involved in the development and promotion of talent around Nigeria and has so far gained desired mileage within its one year of operation from collaborating with some of Nigeria’s finest music entrepreneurship industry brands to promoting and encouraging creativity in Nigeria – a task we are most passionate about. Bombshelter Entertainment handles the management of artists such as Obie-Tee,Lush,Fuja,Teazor,K-Large.

Why the passion for it?

Because therein lies the future of our prestigious youths – and we ask you and anyone out there who can identify, to support this vibrant and creative industry.

True words bro. Cognito Studios is always ready to support any initiatives that stimulate creativity and change....So where do you guys work from?

We are focused with the promotion of music around Nigeria using the Federal Capital Territory as the originating point. It was from here we discovered and signed the musical act Obie – Tee (whose tunes have become an anthem, winning accolades and acclaim for the artiste as well as the label). Bomb shelter is open to promoting musical acts both locally and internationally. We also discovered Fuja and Teazor here in Abuja, K-Large in the east, Enugu.

Impressive. Very impressive. What other creative stuff are you into?

Bomb shelter has partnered with LDT Interactive to create a chain of Nigerian based computer pc games. Bomb shelter has also been active in the promotion of creative industries, having partnered and participated in various initiatives. In 2009, Bomb Shelter participated in “Pick the Mic and Drop the Drugs” an event aimed at sharing initiatives between entertainers around the Federal Capital.

Another is the Easter fiesta, which was geared at bringing fun and warmth to families during the season. Bomb Shelter also provided consultancy to “A Lounge” (a renowned club in Abuja) and organized the “Bankers lounge” an event geared at bringing corporate Nigeria together to fraternize while having fun during week days. We also provided services to the Alumni of Igbinedion University by providing a platform in which the 2009 Re-union party was successfully held.

Bomb Shelter participated in the Youth for Transformation Valentine concert which was geared at bringing Nigerian youths together to educate them on the necessity of change in Nigeria while creating an avenue for entertainment.

So what else drives your outfit? What do you envision for the future?

Bombshelter Entertainment has a strong passion for connecting with innovative industries to synergise and produce unique products.

What led you to get started out on this venture?

The entrepreneurial spirit within me, especially when there was no job...

What are your influences? who or what would you say has made the greatest impact on you as a person?

For me the greatest impact on my was my failing in school and having to repeat in the university. As for influences, my older brother has had the greatest impact on me in my quest for success.

Bro, we all got stories to tell about failing and bouncing back. I feel you personally on that one. Any memorable milestones?

Yeah. Several. Like when we had a partnership with LDT interactive to create Nigeria's first video game 'Olokpa'.

How would you define creativity? Who is a creative person?

Creativity in our terms is the art of breathing life to your imaginations and nurturing it. A creative person is an individual who has the ability and the know-how on how to link the imagination with the physical implementation.

What do you want to be known for by coming generations?

Bombshelter Entertainment wants to be remembered as being the ultimate entertainment company especially in the gaming and music aspect of entertainment.

What current projects are you working on?


Bomb shelter entertainment has been working on a project called ‘The Exercise’. The Exercise is a musical marathon platform that is released once a year. Bomb shelter entertainment selects established and front-line upcoming artists and gets these acts on the musical platform. This platform is promoted all over Nigeria for free thereby increasing the fan base for the established acts and showcasing the up-coming artists to the world. For more information on how to get on the exercise, call 08094236533 or email:

When and how do we get to see this project?

Well its out already (fresh!!!, this week) and you can get it by hollering at us on Twitter (@scream4mi2; @TimmyBossEnt; @CognitoStudios) You can also make a request on, and send emails to: Again you can call 08094236533. Remember, we produce, promote and distribute for free.

Well that's about it for now. Another full dose of inspiration from Seyi and Bomb Shelter! Make sure you go grab a copy and get your Exercise on.

Back soon with more...coming up, an interview with Tonii, the well known Nigerian Idol contestant who rose up the ranks in the competition till the very end. Stay tuned, and remain inspired.