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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Creative People - Profile 1: Davis King

Like I said in the last post (Creative People), over the next few weeks, along with updates on our activities (art, photography and design) we will be profiling creative people, taking a look at what they do, what motivates them and inspires them. Today Davis King will be giving us a peak into his world.

Davis is a good friend of mine, and we have one or two things in common. For one, he is also a medical doctor who has vigorously pursued his creative abilities. The rest, I will let him tell it himself.


Tell us a bit about yourself
I am Davis Oyinloye, a medical doctor and a gospel artiste. My stage name is Davis King. I was born into a family of three, sandwiched between a sister and a brother

Tell us a bit about your creative work
I sing gospel music with a mission to redefining art itself and a message that is horizontal (directed at people, interactive) rather than vertical (directed to God). Both forms are essential but i have a specific mandate to teach people through my music as inspired by God. My genre is predominantly hiphop and R&B

Why do you do what you do?
Because I feel a strong compelling urge from within me to do it.

What were your passions as a child
Creativity: drawing, listening to music, singing and cutting frogs and lizards open with the dissecting kit my dad bought me.

If you were given 10 million dollars, honestly, what would you do within the next 2 weeks
I'll finish up my forthcoming album with world class producers on my beat, promote it big time, to every corner in the world, shoot videos with first grade quality and matchless concept, go on world tour for the next 18 months!

What would you say to the banker or lawyer who has a talent in music or art, is frustrated with his job, and needs a way out.
If you are frustrated, there's only one way out: the same way you took in! The whole world new you took up this career, let them also know you are ditching it, if not, you may just find yourself sneaking back in!

Any thoughts of turning your talents and passions into a thriving business?
Oh sure! I dream of owning a world renowned record label with mother earth's finest talent on it's payroll!

How do you get inspired?
Inspiration comes rushing in like a whirlwind when I'm alone, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Alone with my pen and paper, eyes closed! Alone!

Would you retire from your profession/job and pursue your creative talents if all your bills had been taken care of?
Yes and Yes!

What do you think is the most crucial factor for success in your field?
Promotions! That is radio airplay, print media awareness, tv interviews, good packaging etc. talent is overrated if not well promoted. Promotion is capital intensive, so it all boils down to money, lots of it!

What advice would you give to your son about choosing a career/
To follow his heart!

How do you showcase what you do? Any websites, forums, blogs, communities, networks etc?
I upload my songs on facebook, twitters, reverbnation, 4shared, rapidshare, youtube etc for free download and listening.

What traits do you think makes one person more creative than another?
The power of imagination. The ability to hallucinate! To hear songs that is not being played, see artworks that don't exist, smell scents from ordinary air, creating light out of darkness (like God). The power of imagination is what creativity is all about.

Finally, what would you like to be known for by the generations to come?
That I was multifaceted and excelled in all I did like Leonardo da Vinci!

Wow, Davis, truly inspirational. I am sure others will agree. For samples of Davis songs, visit Feel free to drop your comments and share this link with others.

Stay tuned, and like we usually say at Cognito Studios: remain inspired!!!