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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two Beautiful July Weddings...Part 1

Hi readers. I just had to share these lovely photos with you. They are from two beautiful weddings Cognito Studios was privileged to cover in July.
As you will see, a lot goes into making a wedding day a success. And I am not just speaking from the photography perspective...

 The make up artists, videographers, friends, family and well wishers; the wedding planners, organizers, people who run various errands and even those who just sit around and watch. They all contribute to a successful wedding day...

In a wedding, no one is insignificant. But you will hardly ever notice everyone present at a wedding unless of course there is someone there to capture it all for you. And that is where WE come in. We are the steady eye observing everything going on behind the camera lens. Most times we see what you don't. We see the worried look on the brides face as she looks at her wrist watch while the make up artist is doing his or her thing.

We see the proud look on the mother's face as she watches her daughter get dressed up in her splendid regalia.

We see the happy smile on the brides face as she looks into the mirror and sees her friends all around her, admiring her beauty...

We see the happy friends who can hardly hold their joy..."our dear friend is getting married!" Thank God!!

We see the cool and loyal grooms men who tease and torment the slightly nervous but calm and collected groom, as he contemplates this life changing decision...with no regrets whatsoever

When you are not looking, we see the bride in a moment of controlled nervousness, considering what lies ahead...thinking of her groom...wondering what he is thinking at that very moment...

All in all, a wedding is a beautiful time when love, joy, excitement, anticipation and celebration all mix together to provide a unique experience; not just for the bride and groom and family and friends....

...but also for the team of photographers and photo artists (I like to think of us as photo artists) that make up Cognito Studios. It is always our pleasure to help you see what you might have missed, and experience all the lovely events and emotions that were taking place behind the scenes while you were on center stage.

That is the reason why we take your wedding day I always like to say, at Cognito Studios, it's not just about 'point and shoot'....You can quote me on that!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Stay tuned. And remain Inspired!